Nalin Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO, Snapmint
Nalin Agrawal is co-founder and CEO of Snapmint, a leading buy-now-pay-later platform that makes lifestyle products affordable for millions of GenZ consumers. Nalin is passionate about making financial services work for the masses, starting with a first-principles problem-solving approach. At Snapmint, the shared mission is to make honest, transparent and fair financial products available to consumers. Prior to Snapmint, he co-founded Inrea Research which was one of the leading global analytics players in the specialised field of intellectual property. His career spans a wide range of experiences, starting from FMCG sales and operations at ITC Ltd, to pharma sales analytics at ZS Associates and Big Data and ML solutions at Sodel Software. Nalin holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay.
When not working on all things related to product, credit and strategy at Snapmint, he loves to watch Formula One with his two boys.
1:00 - 2:00 PM

20 march-2021 new_schedule

Emerging IIT Bombay Alumni Entrepreneurs